Chapter One

Chapter One/

This is based on an authentic, true story of a widow who went up against one of the top ten law firms in the country and lost… she lost her husband who was her best-friend since the age of five. He was a true man in every sense of the word. As she buried him amongst all the despicable, un-Godly greed that was all around her from those whom were suppose to care, assuming it was just in her own world, little did she know there were military intelligence types watching, and following her preparing to place her into a secret United States of America Weapons of War testing to torture her into a slow-death.

The Dismantling and Destruction of a Widow who’s Still this Little Girl Inside: How does America Sponsor State-Terrorism on Women, Men and Children in the U.S. from the Air and Ground with Directed Energy Weapons under the Guise of Terrorism when it is them, right in front of Neighbors without some not knowing those planes that fly by every 2 minutes are shooting weapons in at a woman in her home, yard and car? Than others ‘know’ of this under the guise of Neighborhood Watch? And using Satellites by sick psychological Operating Maniacs in Unmarked Planes shooting Ionized Microwaves, Less-than-Lethal scalar using invisible pulse beam weapons, and using EML towers and unknown other War Weapons reportedly as State-Sponsored ‘Gang Stalking’ which is Homeland Security, your own U.S. Military, and Corporate Modern-Day Posses? Their using Active Denial Systems (ADS) military-grade with Frequencies (all Lethal and destructive to a human-being) pointed directly at this little girl’s (now an adult) brain, ears, body. How can they do this to her? It’s the sickest, cruelest, most inhumane actions done so that no one else knows but the victim and done so by rogue, despicable sub-human who are not what American use to stand for, nor anything near.

These creatures that control all these weapons on their innocent, defenseless fellow-Americans who’ve done nothing to deserve this form of bizarre terroristic treatment, do so from the confines of their obvious comfortable computers, and at a distance shooting projectiles of beam weaponry directed at one’s home to destroy every aspect of one’s life silently. These are your true Domestic Terrorist, soulless heartless ill-intent criminals who should be tossed into Fema camps with the keys tossed into an abyss of wind. They and they alone have America’s blood on their hands–the country I used to love, honor and study. Rather, because of their constant silent assaults amid the quiet despair of one’s already sadden life, they commit a quiet Holocaust.

Never let anyone fool you, these acts are done so by a huge majority of Right-Wing Extremists and they are American’s sellouts. But don’t leave out the Leftists. They too (in power) have sold-out to the highest federal-employee’s and their government contractors (all financially well-off) victims known as Targeted Individuals. It is they who sold their souls to their Aqunio-devils turning their backs on victims in the U.S. and abroad. Yes, they and they alone are gleaming elevating what Eisenhower warned the older generation about in his last speech. As a four-star general who served in ‘real war’ he served his country honorable, as one of the finest Presidents of the United States of America for two terms. He was the last great military figure-head who had the guts to state that the Military and Private Corporate owned Industrial Complex would someday take over the US and abroad if we didn’t listen. They have now accomplished this.

So if one was to ask who is doing this to God-loving, peace-filled gentle-minded Americans, one need look no further than Homeland Security, and their counterparts, all heartless traitors and this includes Intelligence and the treasonous mighty Sheriff’s with their U.S. Military and Private Militarization posses. A long forgotten, free country no more is now all but destroyed from these spineless, terror-loving monsterous, murderers, torturers who deserve a long and insufferable death. I state this as I am a 5’2″ woman–a widow who’s husband really did go down in global history as one of ‘the’ sickest more injured human-beings to survive 5 days after he was blown in almost literal half and still talking. Three days later I left my late-husband’s medical records to the ‘them’ for free. This is how they in their might and power repay his widow by torturing her to death as a DOD Directive Human Subject who must suffer in silent within my home like a lab rat.

They shoot me with frequencies 247 giving me lethal pitting edema with lasers hitting me all over my body which includes beaming into my brain, and all parts of my body to make me suffer while they murder me and yes that is what our Cops and Homeland Security who are militarized working hand-in-hand with the US Military (name the branch) do. These are weapons that have no war-time use other than energy weapons. Their called ‘Directed Energy Weapons’ for the future of energy that they’ve already harnassed. So all of these weapons testing a nation does on it’s own people first, is not anything one wishes to hear when they are a victim. Read the DOD Directives. They are ordered to destroy our reputations as well. What kind of sick perverted people could do this to their own people, in America, much less other’s abroad?

Those gang stalkers: Their chasing people all over the country (generally lone innocent good-decent human beings who are too nice, non-corrupt and an easy target) because they are Intel/HDS/Military members, ex-commissioned, your 50 percent making damn good money with great lifetime benefits in their good ole’ boys and sellout girls network for money while the rest of the country has lost homes. You see, they run us out of our homes sometimes day-one to make us broke while they slowly murder us and for what? Weapons Testing.

Do they care if when we’re driving in town and down major highways we lose control and kill another? No. Ask any victim–they do not give a damn who they murder anymore than targets nor do they care who’s standing next to us both in our homes, yards or doctors offices, anymore than if a baby is next-door crying. So the next time you read about ‘Behavior Modification’ and ‘Gang Stalking’ think of the words I’ve written here. Don’t support the War on Terror and Neighborhood Watch or Homeland Security. It’s all a lie. I know. I’m one of those victims that have seen their faces and looked into their eyes.

Quoting the end of an old movie I once saw when the Detective walked into a victim’s bedroom after she shot the man who was stalking her, as the stalking-bully lay in his own deserving pool of blood: The detective said: ‘He as trash.’ In the end that’s all they are. I mean, who else could do this to that little girl in that photo above? Trash. That’s who. It takes an Army. Yeah. Wait till they begin to eat-their-own and they will.

True, This! —
Beneath the rule of men entirely great,
The pen is mightier than the sword. Behold
The arch-enchanters wand! — itself a nothing! —
But taking sorcery from the master-hand
To paralyse the Caesars, and to strike
The loud earth breathless! — Take away the sword —
States can be saved without it!
via Wikipedia

This is a true story about my life, and all of the injustices and tragic events that have transpired since my late-husband’s untimely, horrific, tragic, murderous death. Because of his death I have become what is known in American and abroad as a ‘Targeted Individual.’ Yet, I have lost track of the countless people who’ve told me I should ‘write a book.’ It’s obvious certain fractions are working hard to prevent this. I now know the time has come to write my long-awaited story.

The story begins somewhere south of center leading the reader back to his murder and several cover-ups. The lies are what I consider a laundry list on a path leading to nothing but criminals. My image tarnished as retaliation to prevent anyone from finding me creditable. The last several years I have watched as those I can identity, a few who covered their faces totally destroyed, manipulated and falsified. I am here to make sure our legacy is no longer tarnished, nor will I be silenced any longer. I will not tolerate illegal injustice another day. This is mine and my late-husbands personal life and is in the process of protection with copyright laws. If ‘anyone’ else lays claim to mine and my late-husband’s life they are committing perjury. This is our story and I am the only one authorized to reveal it. If another should ever transpire I state publicly here and now it has been done so without my consent. If it has my signature it is forged.

If anyone finds this story of interest, please contact me because this sad saga truly deserves major publicity. If you heard me speak of how he died and the years of false representation for a victorious end you too would be as others have reacted: Shocked and appalled at the injustice perpetrated upon me as George’s widow. Just as other smaller lawyers from various states have repeatedly reacted: Shocked that he and a county court’s old’ buddy system still exist including a retired judge as the most unscrupulous, illegal, immoral group to have ever gotten away with committing the most offensive illegalities upon me and my late-husband’s murderous, and insufferable death and to do what they have done to his widow to ‘save unknown investors countless millions,’ than placing a literal hit-job on me to silence me forever. I know when I tell my story to others around the country their reaction is always the same, that of disbelief and horror. Surely this represent how others would feel if they heard of my story.

I was referred to for many years as the next Erin Brockovich, at times by those who were in-the-know, their words, during the many years suffering while lied to by that lawyer who countless times lied to me. He not just lent, he verbally insisted justice would prevail, win or lose promised two weeks in a court room that never happened. You might ask why. Simply put, I later learned he placed me in front of a retired judge and lied to witnesses even I did not know of till they too learned of a false court date. As unbelievable as it my sound, court papers prove when the so-called end of case ‘ended’ in fact it did not. That alone is what I stand-on. That a state north of me ‘knows’ he lied and for that he should be held accountable in particular if you knew how my husband died and who would later daily assault me.

This is a story of high levels of tragedy with an even sadder demise for his widow, me. After years of a false sense of long-awaited justice, instead I’m now targeted in the U.S. perpetrated upon me by those who are supposed to protect me, just as ‘those’ who did this to me on a government level. Whomever the ‘unknown investors’ are, that lawyer never revealed this to me. I’ll save the rest of the details for the following story you’ll find in the coming days and weeks to follow.

The names within this story have been changed to protect the innocent and self from possible lawsuits. If interested in my story, please contact me via email at ceemy @ cfl (dot) rr (dot) com

Chapter Two

ON THE BELOW VIDEO STOP AT 2:35. These are my perpetrators and those who represented ‘them.’

11 thoughts on “Chapter One

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  5. Finally reading. I have so many emotional upheavals, you are inspiring me with your calm. I get soooo angry and use profanity as a coping mechanism and I want to so desperately write what these goons have done and are doing without anger. As I write and recall, I get so full of rage and then my trash mouths displays in my blogs. I don’t clean it up because I trust and believe it will show growth for the unfortunate next innocent victim that has to endure and persevere through this demonic activity. Some days, I am just paralyzed to my chair. I am trying to push through. Some days are better than others. Happy New Year, from a TI also on the Slow Kill Hit List. But I am to numb to care.

  6. Reblogged this on mstmha and commented:
    I too am a victim of Gang Stalking. There should be no reason why the government should have a hitlist for hard-working American citizens. Freedom definitely is not free.

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