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The Dismantling and Destruction of a Widow who’s Still this Little Girl Inside

How does America sponsor State-Terrorism on Women, Men and Children in the U.S.? Right now, and from what I’ve been told by countless other victims known as ‘Targeted Individuals’ or simply ‘TIs,’ this has been going on for decades without my own much less the rest of the general public’s knowledge. These assaults upon Americans occur 24/7 right underneath the public’s eyes coming in from the ground and air by local and regional pilots assaulting them with Directed Energy Weapons under the guise of ‘The War on Terror‘  (reportedly–all lies) Homeland Security and Secret Fusion Centers and the Sheriff’s Program, shoved down literally every American’s throat since 9/11.

This really does go on right in front of Neighbors without some ever knowing those planes flying by every several minutes are actually shooting unseen directed energy weapons into a woman’s home directed at this woman in her home, yard and car. Of course, other’s in surrounding houses and area neighbors know as many participate in her destruction. All of this is done under the guise of Neighborhood Watch and or Emergency Response Teams running Terrorist Training exercises. Locally, what information is available they’re making at least 3 Million dollars from their local airport, while this county is reportedly broke. Yet, they work in a concertive effort with multi-billion dollar government contractors and the Dept. of Defense (assumed) using Satellites that are always hovering around a victim’s home and everywhere they go around the country and world.

These attacks are perpetrated as psychological operations run by obvious maniacs in unmarked planes shooting Microwaves, and other laser-based frequencies that shoot directly at the victim’s body, with the enlistment of Drones, Hoverers, Helicopters (at times), electromagnetic based towers relaying and later delaying the signals with a military-grade packet generally dropped into a wooded area very near by the victim’s home.

During this time the victim is shot with huge amounts of illegal Ionized Radiation and hard-pounding hits of Microwave energies causing the victim’s ears to ring unmercifully State-Sponsored ‘Gang Stalking‘ (their term) are preying in groups around the victim where ever she or he goes (i.e.) Shopping, Oil Change, Doctor’s visits, the beach–whatever, done by local Homeland Security and corporate modern-day posse teams.

Also, the locals use their military connected weapons testings on the victim with systems such as Active Denial Systems (ADS), all military grade frequencies pointed directly at this little girl’s (now an adult) brain, ears, body.

Who would bring back a widow’s tragic circumstances regarding her late-husband’s death in imagery? See for yourself.
What were they thinking? They also bought out 55 gallon drums later banging on them (known as a Noise Campaign), and Air-Compressors (that aided in blowing straight thru my late-husband’s abdomen). That wasn’t all they did. Are they the crazy ones? No, every damn one of them are seriously Demented! They know no shame. Those that have waged a war against fellow US Citizens have together created a Nation of Traitors. This is the sickest, cruelest, most inhumane acts a country could do to a woman now in her later 50s–that those whom who do these things must be filled with rogue despicable sub-humans who are not Americans, nor anything like it. The creatures that control all these weapons from their computers at a distance shooting projectiles at your home to try to destroy you silently, are Criminals and should be tossed into Fema camps with the keys thrown far, far away. And those that participate, and hide these facts are criminals in and of themselves running Prostitution from Alaska to Orlando, Florida and back, to stolen car rings from local impoundment lots with local insurance agents, while running meth labs and running drugs (to selling those cars on many local used car lots) up and down Highway 95 with 4 Speed cars at a time and reportedly with other vehicles. I only write what I have formal knowledge of.

It is they who have destroyed the America we once knew and loved; the one that I honored and studied achieving Phi Theta Kappa during what I thought was the saddest, most horrific time of my life–the loss of my late-husband. This is why I’m on this Government-State-Sponsored Terrorist Blacklist. I was robbed of countless millions, and years as well as every aspect of human civil liberties and decency that my late-husband and I ever stood-for, never mine all the pain and suffering.

This story will begin with a lawyer who falsely represented me as I assumed I was fighting for justice regarding my late-husband’s death. No matter what some hidden or lied about record states in Homeland Security and Secret FISA Courts, he and the other side’s lawyer with the help of a Homeland Security officer and probably a few Psychologists lied not just about my mental health, but that lawyer falsified the later-learned fake end of that highly litigated wrongful death case. My sincere intentions are to write of this here so the world knows how a man and his widow were horribly betrayed by her state and country.

This is known as many things: A quiet Holocaust sanctioned by Republican Right-Wing Extremists and Democratic Sellouts, and those who honor one thing: The Military and Private Militarization of a once free country America. We are no longer a country filled with states that are United. 911 seemingly brought in quicker that new governing order of things, that obviously are intended by those who really run things now.

I am a victim of this Silent War using Quiet Weapons.

Take a good look at the little girl in the photo below. This is who you’re hitting with those LETHAL WAR WEAPONS using IONIZED RADIATION frequencies, Pulse Beam Laser Weapons, Tazers, and Microwave Frequencies while willfully and purposely giving me Pitting Edema in both lower extremities while working hard with their Direct Energy Weapons to deaden my left arm and harm my heart. You’re nothing but cowards. Domestic Terrorist. I wouldn’t be proud. But that’s just me but I was born with a conscious. Obviously none of them have one unless their self-consciousable. They don’t even have the guts to face you in public and say who they are–that it is they doing this. Some say ‘Say Nothing Do Nothing,’ while others love their ‘See Something Say Something.’ I will continue using my pen. It was always mightier than any sword.

True, This! —
Beneath the rule of men entirely great,
The pen is mightier than the sword. Behold
The arch-enchanters wand! — itself a nothing! —
But taking sorcery from the master-hand
To paralyse the Cæsars, and to strike
The loud earth breathless! — Take away the sword —
States can be saved without it!
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This is a true story about my life, and all of the injustices and tragic events that have transpired since my late-husband’s untimely, horrific, tragic, murderous death. Because of his death I have become what is known in American and abroad as a ‘Targeted Individual.’ Yet, I have lost track of the countless people who’ve told me I should ‘write a book.’ It’s obvious certain fractions are working hard to prevent this. I now know the time has come to write my long-awaited story.

The story begins somewhere south of center leading the reader back to his murder and several cover-ups.

The lies are what I consider a laundry list on a path leading to nothing but criminals. My image tarnished as retaliation to prevent anyone from finding me creditable.

The last several years I have watched as those I can identity mixed-in with those who cover their faces with Terroristic Gurilla-like scarves and darkened vehicle glass have worked in an organized manner to destroy, manipulate and falsify who I am, what I stand-for–literally my entire life and well-being. Now, I am here to make sure our legacy is no longer tarnished, nor will I be silenced any longer. I will not tolerate illegal injustice another day. This is mine and my late-husbands personal life and is in the process of protection with copyright laws. If ‘anyone’ else lays claim to mine and my late-husband’s life they are committing perjury. This is our story and I am the only one authorized to reveal it. If another should ever transpire I state publicly here and now it has been done so without my consent. If it has my signature it is forged.

If anyone finds this story of interest, please contact me because this sad saga truly deserves major publicity. If you heard me speak of how he died and the years of false representation for a victorious end you too would be as others have reacted: Shocked and appalled at the injustice perpetrated upon me as George’s widow. Just as other smaller lawyers from various states have repeatedly reacted: Shocked that he and a county court’s old’ buddy system still exist including a retired judge as the most unscrupulous, illegal, immoral group to have ever gotten away with committing the most offensive illegalities upon me and my late-husband’s murderous, and insufferable death and to do what they have done to his widow to ‘save unknown investors countless millions,’ than placing a literal hit-job on me to silence me forever. I know when I tell my story to others around the country their reaction is always the same, that of disbelief and horror. Surely this represent how others would feel if they heard of my story.

I was referred to for many years as the next Erin Brockovich, at times by those who were in-the-know, their words, during the many years suffering while lied to by that lawyer who countless times lied to me. He not just lent, he verbally insisted justice would prevail, win or lose promised two weeks in a court room that never happened. You might ask why. Simply put, I later learned he placed me in front of a retired judge and lied to witnesses even I did not know of till they too learned of a false court date. As unbelievable as it my sound, court papers prove when the so-called end of case ‘ended’ in fact it did not. That alone is what I stand-on. That a state north of me ‘knows’ he lied and for that he should be held accountable in particular if you knew how my husband died and who would later daily assault me.

This is a story of high levels of tragedy with an even sadder demise for his widow, me. After years of a false sense of long-awaited justice, instead I’m now targeted in the U.S. perpetrated upon me by those who are suppose to protect me, just as ‘those’ who did this to me on a county and state-governmental level.

The only words I have for those that have willfully perpetrated my destruction and those that assault me daily is this: ‘All of you are solid-proof that Hell isn’t anywhere near half-full, yet.’ Because of all of your actions, I now know that here on earth, the true proving-grounds, all of you have secured my rightful seat into God’s heavens. Be forewarned. I have suffered through many loved-ones tragic deaths. There is something else more powerful that anything you dole-out. And, there is.

Whomever the ‘unknown investors’ are, that lawyer never revealed this to me. I’ll save the rest of the details for the following story you’ll find in the coming days and weeks to follow.

The names within this story have been changed to protect the innocent and myself from possible lawsuits. In reality, what I need is a top-level writer or higher. If interested in my story, please contact me via email: .

ON THE BELOW VIDEO STOP AT 2:35. These are my perpetrators — those who killed my husband, and now me.

Please see my main site that I’ve devoted countless hours to as I try to inform the unknowing public of these crimes-against-humanity at Lissa’s Humane Life. Also, see Tortured in American to get a better understanding of who is actually behind all of this, and why, and if American’s don’t wake-up from their dumbing-down willful programming THIS IS surely going to happen very soon.

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